Home Tournament Times

MCMGC home Tournament:

SATURDAY – 2/24/24
1st Tee-Time: 8:00 am

Play from: BLUE TEES 

2024 Tournament Fees: $71
Side-Pots (ALL-IN): $9
TOURNAMENT total = $80

1/2-Cart FEE: $15.50 / PLAYER (PAID in PRO SHOP)

we will ALWAYS be competing TOURNAMentS with Course Handicaps AS OF the FRIDAY Before!

If You Signed-Up Online BUT DON’T SEE YOUR NAME, Please contact Mike at: n8vtxn_mike@hotmail.com
Or Call / Text My Cell:
951-533-8879 THANKS!  

Latest Update:
2/20/24 – 2
:30 PM


  • Chuck Jorgensen, Sten Joseph, Mike McCabe

  • Brett Smith, Wayne Smith, Nick Hade

  • Mark Hannon, Harout Ayvazian, Larry kavanaugh, Ed Lee

  • Neil Ehlinger, Tom Bickers, Daniel McDonnell, RICHARD SKAAR

  • Richard Sawhill, David Sawhill, Steve Salce, Marc Van Cleave

  • Chris Van Gorden, Steve Tam

  • Bryan LeMaster, Tom Pemberton, Sean Pemberton, Ralph Elwood

  • Ricardo Antonio, Teddy Hinahon

  • Ron Shirley, Mike Shirley, FRANCISCO MARTINEZ

  • Jeff Rostenbach, Kyle Rostenbach

  • Keith Ensman, Fred Elias, Larry Stout, Brad Bleick, Whit Gill


  • Bryan Dyson

  • Jeff Stephanik

  • Tim Black

  • John Alexander

  • Don Ramey

  • Jeff Klone

  • Fred James

  • thomas rivas

Please NOTE THESE Updated tournament rules!

1) BE Sure to post your score WITHIN 24 HOURS AS A HOME!  NOTE: failure to post may result in a penalty round being assessed!

2) PLAYERS age 65 and ABOVE may request to play from one of THE forward teesHandicaps will be adjusted accordingly. 

3) if your ball or swing is interfered WITH by “crab” or “goosegrass, take nearest relief (not 1 club length!) no nearer the hole. No penalty!