Home Tournament Times

MCMGC home Tournament CHANGES & UPDATES!

1st Tee-Time: 7:39 am

Play from: BLUE TEES 

HOME Tournament Fees: $61 & Side-Pots (ALL-IN): $9
TOURNAMENT total = $70

~~~ NOT Including 1/2-Cart FEE: $15 / PLAYER

we will be competing EVERY TOURNAMent with Players’ Course Handicaps FOR the FRIDAY AFTERNOON PRIOR

If You Signed-Up Online BUT DON’T SEE YOUR NAME,
Please contact Mike at: n8vtxn_mike@hotmail.com
Or Call / Text My Cell:
951-533-8879 THANKS!  

Latest Update:
9/28/23 – 3:45 PM


~~ Groups & Times ~~

  • 7:39 am
    Ed Lee, Harout Ayvazian, Mark Hannon, OPEN SPOT

  • 7:48 am
    Ron Shirley, Mike Shirley, Chris Morales, Neil Craigmyle

  • 7:57 am
    Richard Sawhill, David Sawhill, MARC VAN CLEAVE, STEVE SALCE

  • 8:06 am
    Steve Mendoza, John Alexander, Tim Black, Tom McCreery

  • 8:15 am
    Neil Ehlinger, Tom Bickers, Daniel McDonnell, OPEN SPOT

  • 8:24 am
    Ric Antonio, Bert Barret, RichARD Gonzales, Barry Benedik

  • 8:33 am
    Fred James, Tom Knodle, Dave Alfaro, Tom Rivas

  • 8:42 am
    Jeff Rostenbach, Kyle Rostenbach, Dan Kohler, Jeff Klone

  • 8:51 am
    Keith Ensman, Fred Elias, Larry Stout, Brad Bleick, Terry Bleick

  • 9:00 am
    Jose Aguilar, Don Ramey, Mark Steele, Jeff Stephanik

  • 9:09 am
    Bryan LeMaster, Tom Pemberton, Sean Pemberton, Mark Garcia

  • 9:18 am
    Chuck JORGENSEN, Sten Joseph, Mike McCabe, OPEN SPOT 

Please NOTE THESE Updated tournament rules!

1) Please post your score Right Away; POST THIS AS A “HOME” ROUND.  failure to post may result in a penalty round being assessed!

2) PLAYERS age 65 and ABOVE may request to play from one of THE forward tees – Handicaps will be adjusted accordingly.

3) if your ball or swing is interfered WITH by “crab” or “goosegrass, take nearest relief (not 1 club length!) no nearer the hole. No penalty!