Away Tee Times


The august Away Tournament

Where: redhawk GOLF club

When: august 8th @ 8:00 am

play From the white tees

Cost: $76.00 golf & tournament, side pots : $9.00 total: $85.00

Please Bring A Check or exact change to limit contact.

Includes golf & cart


All social distancing and virus etiquette must be adhered to. Including but not limited to wearing of masks at all time.

Carts are one per person unless you feel comfortable with the person you wish to ride with then 2 per cart.

No Rakes in the bunkers, take relief out of, no nearer the hole as close as reasonable to original entry.

flags to remain in holes at all times. there is a barrier to prevent the ball from going into the hole. hit the barrier, the ball is counted as in the hole.

do not handle your partners equipment at anytime (yes I know Ha, HA)


Please let me know if you are playing as soon as possible!!

Please be Aware of a new tournament rule, Those age 65 and older may request to play from one of the forward tees. Handicaps will be adjusted accordingly. also single digit handicaps may play from the back tees of your choice and handicaps will be adjusted accordingly.

If You Signed-Up Online BUT DON’T SEE YOUR NAME,
Please Email Dave at:
Or Call / Text My Cell#: (951) 733-9032 THANKS !!

LATEST UPDATE: 08/07/20 at 4:30 pm



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ tee times ~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • 8:00 am

  • dan Mellon, ed LEE, harout ayvazian, gARY haytaian

  • 8:09 am

  • Ron sHIRLEY, mike SHIRLEY, Francisco MARTINEZ

  • 8:18 am

  • Keith ensman, Fred Elias, larry STOUT, Paul stupik

  • 8:27 am

  • Terry Bleick, brad Bleick, bill saint, Mark Steele

  • 8:36 am

  • Steve Mendoza, Tom bickers, john ALEXANDER, Sten joseph

  • 8:45 am

  • riCHARD GONZALEZ, Barry benedik, Toby benEdik, Don raMEY

  • 8:54 am

  • Neil ehlinger, Rob kring, Steve oltjenbruns, mark Hannon

  • 9:03 am

  • Marc vAN CLEAVE, Steve salce, Jose Ochoa, Caleb Ochoa

  • 9:12 am

  • Andy jeske, Mark Garcia, Gary uyeda,

  • 9:21 am

  • Chuck JORGENSEN, rick anTONIO, mike MCCABE, dave MARTINEZ