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Dos Lagos Golf Club

 Dos Lagos Golf Club

Saturday Jan. 16, 2016  — 1st Tee-Time 7:30
  • Play From The: WHITE TEES
  • Tournament Fees: $72, Side Pots (Optional!): $9
  • Total Fees For ALL-IN: $81 DOES Include Carts!
    • Also Includes The Amazing! DL Hot Dog & Chips
  • If You Have Not Yet Paid Your 2016 Membership Dues:
    • PLEASE Bring To This Tournament!!
  • If You Have Signed-Up, Or WANT TO PLAY, But DO NOT See Your Name Listed Here, Please Call/Text DAVE at:
    951-733-9032 or Email:

Groups Sign-ups:

  • Chuck Jorgensen, Sten Joseph, Dave Martinez, Mike McCabe
  • Gary Yount, Tony Brassfield, Tony Brassfield Jr.
  • Dave Prescott, Steve Salce, Marc VanCleave, Bruce Rissinger
  • Dan Mellon, Ed Lee, Harout Ayvazian, Kevin Paulus
  • Tery Bleick, Brad Bleick, Frank Lemmo, Bill Saint
  • Andy Jeske, Chris Van Gordon, Gary Uyeda, Todd Pakulski
  • Tom Hill, Mark Steele, Justin Steele, Don Ramey
  • Neil Ehlinger, Tom Bickers, Steve Oltjenbruns, Anthony Encinas
  • Luc Legault, Tony Kabage, Jeff Klone, Brett Davis
  • Ron Shirley, Mike Shirley,
  • Keith Ensman, Larry Stout, Fred Elias, Marty King, Whit Gill

Single Sign-ups:

  • Pat Labriola