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Dos Lagos Golf Club


 Dos Lagos Golf Club

Saturday Jan. 16, 2016  — 1st Tee-Time 7:30
  • Play From The: WHITE TEES
  • Tournament Fees: $72, Side Pots (Optional!): $9
  • Total Fees For ALL-IN: $81 DOES Include Carts!
    • Also Includes The Amazing! DL Hot Dog & Chips
  • If You Have Not Yet Paid Your 2016 Membership Dues:
    • PLEASE Bring To This Tournament!!
  • If You Have Signed-Up, Or WANT TO PLAY, But DO NOT See Your Name Listed Here, Please Call/Text DAVE at:
    951-733-9032 or Email:

Groups Sign-ups:

  • Chuck Jorgensen, Sten Joseph, Dave Martinez, Mike McCabe
  • Gary Yount, Tony Brassfield, Tony Brassfield Jr.
  • Dave Prescott, Steve Salce, Marc VanCleave, Bruce Rissinger
  • Dan Mellon, Ed Lee, Harout Ayvazian, Kevin Paulus
  • Tery Bleick, Brad Bleick, Frank Lemmo, Bill Saint
  • Andy Jeske, Chris Van Gordon, Gary Uyeda, Todd Pakulski
  • Tom Hill, Mark Steele, Justin Steele, Don Ramey
  • Neil Ehlinger, Tom Bickers, Steve Oltjenbruns, Anthony Encinas
  • Luc Legault, Tony Kabage, Jeff Klone, Brett Davis
  • Ron Shirley, Mike Shirley,
  • Keith Ensman, Larry Stout, Fred Elias, Marty King, Whit Gill

Single Sign-ups:

  • Pat Labriola


Date Time League Season Holes
January 16, 2016 7:30 am Marshall Canyon Men's Golf Club 2016 18


Dos Lagos Golf Course
4507 Cabot Dr, Corona, CA 92883, USA


Andy Jeske32102
Anthony Encinias1686
Bill Saint2191
Brad Bleick2696
Bret Davis51121
Bruce Rissinger2393
Chris Van Gorden1989
Dan Mellon61131
Dave Martinez1888
Dave Prescott2797
David Eloff-700
Don Ramey2494
Ed Lee63133
Frank Lemmo2494
Gary Uyeda1888
Gary Yount36106
Harout Ayvazian1080
Jeff Klone1080
Justin Steele2696
Keith Ensman1585
Kevin Paulus2999
Larry Stout2090
Marc VanCleave1989
Mark Steele878
Marty King36106
Mike McCabe2797
Mike Shirley1181
Neil Ehlinger070
Pat Labriola2494
Paul Stillwell474
Ron Shirley36106
Sten Joseph1282
Steve Mendoza-4822
Steve Oltjenbruns777
Steve Salce1686
Terry Bleick31101
Todd Pakulski373
Tom Bickers-700
Tom Hill1787
Tony Brassfield-700
Tony Brassfield Jr.-700
Whit Gill-700


Player Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Andy Jeske-956785664565565446
Anthony Encinias-455627547435464465
Bill Saint-664655635546564546
Brad Bleick-687847534556473545
Bret Davis-444747434425584435
Bruce Rissinger-6556683565361056646
Chris Van Gorden-556546346536764446
Dan Mellon-443754745547673547
Dave Martinez-554554464446564728
Dave Prescott-555655525757576647
David Eloff-000000000000000000
Don Ramey-3536486545566635410
Ed Lee-545736835556574545
Frank Lemmo-573748444537663459
Gary Uyeda-764654434446673438
Gary Yount-4561049536677674449
Harout Ayvazian-443536635535564535
Jeff Klone-553524534436563539
Justin Steele-665756646535665726
Keith Ensman-543845544446663446
Kevin Paulus-665646656546765556
Larry Stout-663556455547663455
Marc VanCleave-4546651034354455538
Mark Steele-553634543554553625
Marty King-463739539757686648
Mike McCabe-544756447446586648
Mike Shirley-543546525535545537
Neil Ehlinger-345446434434443434
Pat Labriola-573646525656585547
Paul Stillwell-553535325434464535
Ron Shirley-765767745568563748
Sten Joseph-555647534434464535
Steve Mendoza-344000000000000000
Steve Oltjenbruns-000000000000000000
Steve Salce-000000000000000000
Terry Bleick-000000000000000000
Todd Pakulski-000000000000000000
Tom Bickers-000000000000000000
Tom Hill-000000000000000000
Tony Brassfield-000000000000000000
Tony Brassfield Jr.-000000000000000000
Whit Gill-000000000000000000